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Few things can compare to antique furniture when it comes to adding character to a house. By having these pieces of living history on display, you show yourself to be the inheritor of a tradition, of grounding yourself with physical reminders of yesterday’s world.

One of the advantages of purchasing antique furniture is that you know they’re durable. After all, they’ve already survived for quite a while! However, this does not mean that you can just set it up on a shelf and ignore it. Like anything else, antiques require furniture repair.

In some cases, the antique furniture might need antique restoration from the moment you buy it. This is more likely to happen if you make the purchase at a flea market or online, where there’s less oversight as to quality. You may be expected to do the refinishing yourself.

Even in cases where the antique furniture looks fine, the colors will eventually fade and the wood will lose its polish. When this happens, you’ll want to get antique restoring or custom upholstery so that it will stay in good condition.

Given the inherent value of antique furniture, it may be a good idea to send them to a professional furniture restoration company. It’s easy to make mistakes and in so doing, damage the antique you are trying to repair. Having an expert take a look means you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Residents of Spanish Fork, UT, know that they can send their antiques to All-In-One Antique Restoration to get the best results.